Helmut Newton Photography Vintage Silver Gelatin Prints 16th Arrondissement, Paris 1975 Vintage Silver Gelatin, Helmut Newton

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"16th Arrondissement, Paris 1975" Vintage Silver Gelatin Print by Helmut Newton Photography


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In ‘16th Arrondissement’ (1975), Newton subtly plays on the relationship between lady and maid. A forcefully placed hand on the side of the door and intense matching of gaze accentuates the suggestive tension of the image heightened by the threshold of the doorway. Taken in the notoriously affluent 16th Arrondissement to which Helmut Newton called home, his lens acts as a stairwell voyeur cloaked by the night – allowing us a tantalizing snapshot that plays on the viewer’s imagination of the narrative to come.  The subtle erotic energy is typical of Helmut Newton photography and recognizable immediately. Newton is at his compositional best- using shadow’s reminiscent of prison bars and the repetition of strong diagonals in the architecture and female form to accentuate hierarchies of dominance and submission. 

For lovers of the detail in Helmut Newton photography, the lady is Swedish model Gunilla Lindblad and the maid is French model, Nathalie Kent and taken at l'hotel Particulier. Nathalie worked often with Helmut over many years with at French Vogue.

This is a rare pre-1985 original vintage print produced in small numbers from a series of transparencies that Newton considered his most provocative and important work through 1985. Always unsigned, they were sent out to major publications to stimulate interest in a photographer’s work. Most examples of Helmut Newton photography were destroyed or written over, it is very rare to find them in immaculate condition.  Helmut Newton photography is coveted by collectors worldwide with auction values increasing steadily.

This collection of Helmut Newton photography vintage prints were gifted to Newton’s agent Norman Solomon, in recognition of the work he had carried out in promoting Newton’s “Private Property” series of exhibitions in 1985. The print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Norman Solomon. The ownership rights of this print are supported by an original agreement with Newton in 1984, and supplemented by a further agreement with The Helmut Newton Estate in 2012. They have been stored in conservation condition and are excellent examples of vintage Helmut Newton photography.

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