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"Poolside Gossip" | Slim Aarons Photography Getty Images Beach Collection

Slim Aarons' most popular image (Slim Aarons Women cover image)
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The Print

Former fashion model Helen Dzo Dzo Kaptur (in white lace) and Nelda Linsk (in yellow), wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk, at the Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, California, January 1970. The Linsks are the current owners of the house. (Photo by Slim Aarons/Getty Images)

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The C-Print differs from an inkjet print because it is a chemical, rather than a digital, process and as the image is enlarged, it maintains a smoothness and richness in color that is often lost when compared to a digital enlargement. Additionally, the difference between an inkjet print and a C-print really shines when you put it behind plexiglass or have the image framed.

About Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons worked for society publications, taking pictures of the rich and famous before and after serving as a photographer for the US military magazine Yank during World War II. His work has been included in the publications Town and Country, Holiday, Venture and LIFE.

Aarons was known for his positive portrayals of the people he photographed and was invited to high-society gatherings for exactly this reason. His subject matter covered American and European society as well as nobility and both minor and major stars of the day.

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  • Are these on canvas?!? Framed?!?

    Hi there, the prints come unframed, framed, and in an acrylic Perspex mounted version.  We list a selection of items we have in the gallery that are framed and can order anything and have framed and delivered.