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"Set of 5" Helmut Newton Sample Images

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Set of 5 sample images by Helmut Newton.

Helmut Newton sample images feature select popular images from Newton's "Private Property" collection and are designed to assist interior design professionals and decorators achieve optimal results when selecting and integrating a Newton artwork into a design layout.  Sample images measure approximately 9"x12" and reflect similar image clarity, thickness, high gloss finish, and optical brightness as the larger vintage silver gelatin originals taking the guesswork out of lighting, glare reduction, etc., and allow for options like frame and mat selection to be made ahead of time and pair perfectly.

Featuring "Elsa Peretti, New York 1975)", "Rue Aubriot, Paris 1975", "Shoe, Monte Carlo 1983", "Saddle II, Paris 1976", and "Winnie On Deck, Monte Carlo 1975".  Use these images to plan a future order or use individually.  For sample use not for individual resale or distribution.