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Lights, Camera, Fantasy: A Different 'Spike Lee Joint'

Lights, Camera, Fantasy: A Different 'Spike Lee Joint'


Spike Lee's talents go beyond that of film, as shown in Playboy's series: Lights Camera Fantasy. This series featured seven directors who were given instructions (and creative freedom) to style a photoshoot based off of their own fantasies. The influence for Spike Lee's was his very own 1986 film "She's Gotta Have It".

Although most directors who participated in this feature were still photographers themselves, Spike Lee opted to collaborate with world renowned photographer David Levinthal. Levinthal is best known for his artistic and surreal Polaroids of controversial mini figurines and Jim Crow caricatures. The two had previously worked together in 2000 for Lee's comedy Bamboozled which featured a minstrel-inspired poster. This duo not only shares similarities in their controversial nature, but also their eye and vision in collaborations.

"I think Spike wanted to concentrate on what was in front of the camera rather than the f-stops" said Playboy's Photo Director, Gary Cole about the shoot.

"I think Spike was the only director in the pictorial who directed a photographer rather than shooting himself,".

Other directors that are featured in the series are Kevin Smith, Michael Bay, Neil LaBute and more. Only the photographs taken by Michael Bay and Spike Lee are featured in the Playboy Legacy Collection.

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