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A fine art photography gallery serving discerning clients and galleries worldwide and physically located in the heart of sunny Los Angeles at the W Hotel Hollywood.  Our original collections feature exclusive works by Salvador Dali, Helmut Newton, Bert Stern, Frank Worth, and more.  All of our works are ours and ready to ship unlike most galleries that advertise inventory they simply do not have.  Contact us by phone, email, or stop in for a visit.  We would love to see you soon!

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Private Property, Rare Fine Art Silver Gelatin Prints

The Helmut Newton "Private Property" Collection represents one of the best performing values in fine art photography over the past twenty years. The 45 image collection was originally exhibited in the 1980's with few buyers acquiring the images. The silver gelatin prints from the collection have enjoyed a high level of demand by collectors and galleries alike. The limited supply scarcity ensure that Newton's work will continue as a great addition to any collection for decades to come. Global Images is proud to work with Norman Solomon to provide authentic signed and unsigned Helmut Newton vintage silver gelatin prints. 



The Ultimate Global Images Gift Guide-Global Images

The Ultimate Global Images Gift Guide

Whether you're the efficient early holiday shopper, or you're just looking for a quick Birthday gift you know your Mom will love, we've created for you the ultimate Global Images gift guide. With each suggestion, we also give you our suggestions of who these gifts are best for or what occasion so there is really no second guessing!
October 19, 2019
Hugh Hefner's Round Bed-Global Images

Hugh Hefner's Round Bed

It's probably safe to assume that Hugh Hefner's favorite room in his mansion was his bedroom. Although you don't need a source to prove it, he actually has stated this on record

Hefner, despite his line of work, was an astounding businessman. Especially in its conception, he was incredibly passionate about the work he was creating with Playboy. He worked day and night, putting in impossible hours to deliver the quality he saw necessary for his publication. When he purchased the original Chicago mansion in 1959, he was at a very convenient distance from his club and office. Hugh, however, preferred working from home...

October 15, 2019
The Difference of Archival Linen Paper-Global Images

The Difference of Archival Linen Paper

These days, any corner shop has a photo printer and a promise of a short wait. Convenience always sounds like our best friend, but we all know food taste different from a microwave.

Professional photographers and galleries like ourselves have access to a dozen photo labs across the world and the materials to do it in house, all with the same promise: unparalleled quality...

October 15, 2019