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About Getty Images

Getty Images Archive, the Hulton Archive, is the world’s largest commercial archive and is home to over 90 million images, of which less than one per cent are digitized.  Founded in 1997 by Mark Getty with the purchase of the Slim Aarons collection in its entirety, Getty Images has become the undisputed image leader worldwide featuring works from midcentury journalistic powerhouses such as Evening Standard and Picture Post, Slim Aarons’ iconic lifestyle photography, Christopher Simon Skyes’ raw tour documentary, rare 19th  century Indian landscapes, and Herbert Ponting’s breathtaking views from the South Pole, just to name a few.

Hulton Archive is generally regarded as the greatest archive of photojournalism, showing history in pictures over the last millenium. The Hulton collections are the direct descendant of the seminal British weekly Picture Post magazine and Archive Photos can trace their roots to Pictorial Parade, one of the oldest continuously operated photo syndication companies in the United States. Together they offer a wealth of original photographic material spanning the birth of photography to the present, as well as engravings, maps, cartoons, etchings, lithographs, illustrations and related visual ephemera dating back to the very beginnings of printed media.

Situated in Westbourne Park, London, the Hulton Archive is a treasure trove of hidden imagery and the team continue to find rare and unique imagery on a daily basis. This short film explores the archive’s hidden treasures and daily requests, which keeps the team busy:

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