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About Terry Fincher

Terry Fincher (1931-2008) was an award-winning British photographer whose images gained worldwide acclaim beginning with his coverage of military action in Egypt during the Suez Crisis.  He did several tours in Vietnam with British forces and reported many times during points of conflict in history throughout the Middle East and Africa.  After gaining fame as a wartime photojournalist, Fincher expanded his career to capturing iconic celebrities in unique candid moments.  

At Global Images USA, we proudly offer a selection of Terry Fincher's iconic photographs, including his instantly recognizable images of Muhammad Ali and the young Beatles musical group.  His images of the great boxer include award-winning magazine covers and historic fight pictorials documenting Ali’s career, and his pictorials of the Beatles are some of the only images of the band in the early stages of their career.

Throughout his illustrious career, Fincher covered many graphic topics including conflicts in Egypt, Pakistan, Biafra, and Aden. He won the British Press Photographer of the Year award in 1957, 1959, 1964, and 1967, and was runner-up in 1968, cementing his legacy as one of the most respected photographers of his time. In addition to his international assignments, Fincher shot everyone from Twiggy to the Queen of England, but his personal favorite subject was always Winston Churchill. It is widely known Fincher's favorite image ever captured was of Churchill feeding deer in Richmond Park in 1963.

Since his passing, Terry Fincher's photographs have been in high demand by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.  As a result, many of his pieces have been featured in renowned galleries and museums worldwide.  In addition, his works have highlighted numerous prestigious exhibitions, including an award-winning retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. At Global Images USA, we are committed to offering these iconic works to collectors and new audiences worldwide.

We invite you to explore our selection of Terry Fincher's iconic photographs and discover these fine art prints' timeless beauty and historical significance. Each image is published under license by Getty Images Gallery from the Getty Images/Hulton Archive and supported by a unique Certificate of Authenticity.  Whether you're a new collector, adding to an existing collection, or searching for the perfect gift, you will find the perfect print in our collection. View our collection of Terry Fincher works here.

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