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The Ultimate Global Images Gift Guide-Global Images

The Ultimate Global Images Gift Guide

Whether you're the efficient early holiday shopper, or you're just looking for a quick Birthday gift you know your Mom will love, we've created for you the ultimate Global Images gift guide. With each suggestion, we also give you our suggestions of who these gifts are best for or what occasion so there is really no second guessing!

Rare 16x20 Framed Photographs

For the Photography Lover, Hollywood Enthusiast, or just someone with really great interior style! Our 16x20 collections include iconic works from Frank Worth, Helmut Newton, the Playboy Legacy Collection, and more! The images are printed

on archival ink and paper and are meant to last decades under perfect conditions.

Photography Legends Box Sets

For the collector and appreciator of the arts! Our best selling box set is from the Playboy Legacy Collection and contains the top ten images from the collection. We offer box sets for the Frank Worth Collection as well. The box sets contain fine art archival prints in a simple photograph collectors box. These images are all unframed.

Colorful Canvases

Black & White Photography isn't for everyone, which is why we carry a gorgeous bright collection of Photofusion canvases that bring a colorful spin to these classic photographs. Artist Jacqlyn Burnett brings these images to life with her unique use of paint and texture. These canvases look best in game rooms, kids rooms, and environments where color and attitude are welcome.


It can be hard to shop for your friends or family, especially when you aren't sure they're going to love what you get them. That's why we've created a few tips to help you make confident decisions when picking out these gifts!

Visualize First: To avoid gifting a large canvas for someone who lives in a studio apartment, consider where they live, what their space looks like, and try and visualize what would look most appropriate on their walls.

Who Are They? Just because YOU love the classic photograph of Jackie Robinson with the 1968 Dodgers, doesn't mean whoever you're gifting for will. Consider what would best be suited for their personality or lifestyle!

Trust Yourself: At the end of the day, you just need to trust that giving someone the gift of art is something everyone can appreciate. Trust that you have good taste, and pick out something you know make your friends and family say "wow!"

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