Helmut Newton is one of the world’s most celebrated photographers whose uniquely edgy imagery is coveted worldwide by collectors and aficionados of photographic art. Having produced Mr. Newton’s ‘Private Property’ exhibitions in Paris, London and New York City in 1985, a limited number of silver gelatin presentation prints were made for introductory purposes, that were printed from a series of transparencies Helmut Newton produced that he considered his most provocative and important works through 1984.   The vintage prints are from my personal collection gifted to me by Helmut and is authenticated by the original agreement with Helmut Newton, consummated in 1984, in which certain rights were conveyed to me, Norman Solomon, and further supported by a Settlement Agreement in 2012 with the Helmut Newton Estate.


Norman Solomon

Global Images USA

Vintage Silver Gelatin Images Available in 16x20, 20x24, and signed editions

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