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about danny maltzman*


Born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, Daniel Maltzman has always been interested in pop culture and advertisement. His early career consisted of promoting the hottest clubs in Hollywood and running a successful business in the fashion industry. A switch to the art world was natural for Maltzman as his obsession with creativity and expression only grew with his exposure to the art scene that so profoundly impacted Los Angeles nightlife.

Much of Maltzman’s inspiration draws from his relationships with people who have fast-paced lifestyles, fame, and fortune. Maltzman is also fascinated by Los Angeles’ contemporary urban settings and street style aesthetics. Mixing acrylics with spray paints and juxtaposing graphic images amongst figurative depictions, Daniel Maltzman’s work is captivating and richly dynamic. Striking colors and bold mark-making show evidence of Mark Grotjahn’s influence on Maltzman’s work, and admiration for Andy Warhol’s muses are consistent with Maltzman’s subject of choice.

Collectors such as Justin Bieber, Eugenio Lopez, Paris Hilton, J.J. Reddick, Scott Painter, and Steve Tisch, are just a few of the esteemed owners of Maltzman’s growing body of work.

Maltzman is currently exhibiting with Coda Gallery in Palm Desert CA, Lisa Russell Collection in Austin TX, Buckhead Art in Atlanta GA, and Chloe Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

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