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Current Exhibition Details:

Featuring 48 vintage silver gelatin prints from Helmut Newton's 1980's 'Private Property" exhibitions in London, Paris, and New York. Images courtesy of Norman Solomon who produced the exhibitions for Newton and authenticated in legal agreement with the Helmut Newton Estate.


Exhibition Contents (Updated Dec. 1):

48 - 16"x20" and 20"x24" vintage silver gelatin prints featuring images widely considered to be his best and most provocative works. (Several remaining)

10 - 16"x20" and 20"x24" hand signed vintage silver gelatin prints with Estate Copyright stamps.

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Featured Item

by Helmut Newton

"Crocodile Eating Ballerina, 1983"

"Crocodile Eating Ballerina" was a scene taken from Pina Bausch Ballet's performance, Die Keuschheitslegende (The Legend of Virginity), at Wuppertal theatre in 1983. It was also exhibited in "Year of Tibet Protfolio" at New York in 2006. Richard Gere and Bill Borden, on behalf of Gere Foundation, displayed 24 platinum-palladium printing. Several important photographers contributed to some of works displayed. Helmut Newton was one of them.

Lorenzo Agius

Award winning celebrity photographer Lorenzo Agius brings his stunning portfolio to exhibit at the W Hotel Hollywood this spring. His works have been featured in numerous galleries worldwide including the Getty Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and more.

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Over the past two decades Helmut Newton photography has had it's fair share of ups and downs. In retrospect the peaks and valleys mostly followed the market as would be expected but reviewing the stellar performance uncovers a gem for current owners and future collectors alike. Speculation in the art world has long been as mystery to many but certain collections with unique characteristics create opportunities for investors and everyday collectors not often found in the art marketplace.

"The gooey sauces, the cured meats, the dashes of marjoram and herbes de Provence—these were the tools of the starched chefs of Paris and New York, their gray mustaches bristly as shaving brushes, theatrically ranting their way through their kitchens. It was to their plush-carpeted restaurants that the Michelin critics crept in undercover, as grand dames named Millicent and Constance swanned in after cards and cocktails, sipping chilled martinis and picking at beef bourguignon.

Spike Lee's talents go beyond that of film, as shown in Playboy's series: Lights Camera Fantasy. This series featured seven directors who were given instructions (and creative freedom) to style a photoshoot based off of their own fantasies. The influence for Spike Lee's was his very own 1986 film "She's Gotta Have It". Although most directors who participated in this feature were still photographers themselves, Spike Lee opted to collaborate with world renowned photographer David Levinthal.

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